how to display variance of an image in command box?

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median_image=medfilt2(im_n) axes(handles.axes3); imshow(median_image);
%variance% IM= im2double(median_image); V_image = var(IM(:));

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 25 Mar 2018
Get rid of the semicolon and the value will report to the command window:
V_image = var(IM(:))
Beware though that im2double will scale the image to the range 0-1, so your variance will be the variance of that scaled image, not of the original image. If you want the variance of the original image, use double() instead of im2double().
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Komal Gaikwad
Komal Gaikwad on 25 Mar 2018
ok sir thank u so much,also i have to compare two images one from median filter and other from wiener to compare them using variance or by using some other parameters

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