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Hello, Since my PhD requires the usage of matlab, know that I understand a little bit of it xD, I was considering on doing the MATLAB Associate Certificate, I would like to know if besides of those 5 questions that i saw, if there is any exercise book for Exam preparation. I did 2 Self-Paced Courses: Matlab Fundamentals and Matlab Onramp, should I do more? which ones are envolving the Associate Level?

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Dina Yagodich
Dina Yagodich on 29 Jun 2018
As far as I know, there are no exam prep materials beyond those 5 questions. The Fundamentals class covered all the material that was on the exam (I just took it last week) -- I would go through the class twice and look at the summary help as well. Go through those 5 practice test questions and understand both why the correct answers are correct as well as why the incorrect answers are wrong.

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