Plot saved as EMF, rendered as raster as opposed to vector graphics

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I have Matlab code (too complex/inelegant to post or attempt to simplify) that produces an array of subplots that looks like this:
When I save this as an EMF file and insert in Powerpoint, then zoom in closely on the image, it looks pixelated:
This is very surprising to me, as I have for a long time been exporting Matlab plots as EMF and integrating those into Powerpoint slides, in order to build there more complex graphs that, as vector graphics, would print well at any size. These imported EMFs would also scale well and look smooth regardless of how much I zoomed into them in Powerpoint.
Opening the EMF in Inkscape shows that this plot is indeed exported by Matlab not as vector but as raster graphics. Can anyone guess why that is? Thanks in advance!

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z8080 on 22 Jun 2018
I'm happy to edit the question if further clarification would be needed to enable an answer or suggestion. Thanks in advance for any replies :)
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Bjarne Husted
Bjarne Husted on 25 Jan 2021
Does somebody have an answer to this as I have the same problem. It is possbile to export as eps but that makes it more difficult to insert the file in word.

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