I have two cell arrays of size 1*32 but contains different size of columns like 1*145 double, 1*1035 double (screenshot attached). I want to concatenate them using following pseudo code. How can I do that? Any suggestions would help.

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initialize matrix data_concat of size channels X total time points
initialize matrix time_concat of size 1 X total time points
loop over data.trial and data.time (have the same size)
data_concat(:,appropriate time indices) = data.trial{k}(:,:);
time_concat(1,appropriate time indices) = data.time{k}(:);
end loop
data.trial = data_concat;
data.time = time_conc

Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 1 Jul 2018
newtrial = horzcat(data.trial{:});
newtime = horzcat(data.time{:});
data.trial = newtrial;
data.time = newtime;

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