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How to run no longer supported P-Code for newer version of Matlab?

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I've recently downloaded a toolbox that has a variety of functions which are divided into .m files and .p files.
A demo function was available to introduce the user on the different functions as well as understanding the output. However once I run it, I receive this failure message in the Matlab console.
The P-code file C:\Users\..\xml_toolbox\xml_format.p was generated prior to MATLAB version 7.5 (R2007b) and is no longer
supported. Use pcode to regenerate the file using MATLAB R2007b or later.
And if I open any of the available .m files, they only show these as source code:
%XML_FORMAT Convert a Matlab variable or struct into an XML string.
% SYNTAX: xmlstr = xml_format(v, [attswitch], [name] )
% v Matlab variable type "struct", "char", "double"(numeric),
% "complex", "sparse", "cell", or "logical"(boolean)
% attswitch optional, default='on':
% 'on' writes header attributes idx,size,type for
% identification by Matlab when parsing in XML later
% 'off' writes "plain" XML without header attributes
% name optional, give root element a specific name, eg. 'project'
% xmlstr string, containing XML description of variable V
% xml_help, xml_formatany, xml_parse, xml_load, xml_save, (xmlread, xmlwrite)
% Copyright (c) 2005 Geodise Project, University of Southampton
% XML Toolbox for Matlab,
% Author: Dr Marc Molinari <>
% $Revision: 1.11 $ $Date: 2005/08/26 09:41:37 $
I cannot regenerate the function as P-code by using this. Is there any way to run the available .p file with the current version of Matlab?

Answers (1)

Titus Edelhofer
Titus Edelhofer on 30 Jul 2018
unfortunately no. You will need to ask the author to re-create the p-coded file in a newer version of MATLAB.


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