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I m using experimenter lanchpad TMS320F28027F and I m using MATLAB/Simulink for the software. The matlab generates .out file and I can debug this .out file using CCSv8. How can I flash this .out file
Where can I generate flash based simulink code? What are settings in configuration parameters? What should be the system target file to generate flash based code?
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Mouhanned Brahim

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Antonin on 3 Sep 2018
On the snapshot below taken from MATLAB R2018a, the "Build action" can automate the load and run part, the "Boot From Flash" enables standalone execution from flash memory. Type "targetupdater" at the MATLAB command prompt to setup the connection with CCS for the load automation. For earlier MATLAB releases, you can pretend to use CCS v5 and point to the CCS v8 installation, everything should work. </matlabcentral/answers/uploaded_files/130934/Capture.JPG>

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Mouhanned Brahim
Mouhanned Brahim on 6 Sep 2018
Hi Antonin, Thnx for your responses, Ihave another problem with the epwm blocks of the c2000 embedded coder: Wich type of signals must be connected to these blocks, because i try with a pulse generator (amplitude =1), or a constant, but there is no pwm output at the corresponding pin of the target (F28027F lanchpad). There is a specific configuration of the epwm block? Thanks Mouhanned

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