Why is large matrix subtraction making my code so slow?

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Matt Flood
Matt Flood on 18 Sep 2018
Commented: Matt Flood on 27 Sep 2018
I have created a function which handles matrices roughly [10000 x 20000] in size. When I ran my function using the time & run profiler in MatLab, it is telling me that two lines of my code are taking 29s and 22s respectively:
These lines of code are basic matrix operations that shouldn't be computationally expensive to perform. They are equivalent to:
N = rand(10000,20000);
X = [zeros(10000,1) cumsum(N,2)];
M = X(:,5:end) - X(:,1:end-5);
When I run these lines of code in the command window, they only take a second or two at most.
Can anyone please tell me why MatLab is taking so long to calculate these lines inside a function? Thanks a mil!
Matt Flood
Matt Flood on 27 Sep 2018
Thanks guys, I think it was a virtual memory issue. When I cleared each variable straight after they were used, it quickened the performance time.
It still takes 20s-30s to perform the matrix subtraction, but overall the function is faster.

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