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Can not connect arduino uno to Matlab 2018a

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Muhammad Haziq
Muhammad Haziq on 25 Sep 2018
Hi, I am using windows 10 and Matlab 2018a. I have installed ("Matlab support package for arduino hardware version 18.1.1") add-on it shows successfully installed the packages but in end when I try to check connection before finishing the setup it says connection is failed go back to settings. Also in Matlab command window I tried to use command " a = arduino('com3','uno')" it says Error using arduino , Too many input arguments can any one help me what should I do? Regards Haziq

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Franck Joel  Fondjo Ndetta
Franck Joel Fondjo Ndetta on 25 Feb 2019
Hi Haziq,
did you find any solution for your Problem?
Because i have actually the same
Regards Franck

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