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Creating a report file in txt format and merging it with created text file

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Hello All, I have to create a text report file of my results, but i have made text file with instructions, this has to be merged or appended during the report generation i have to make user defined function using which i can use it for my further application and project Thanks in Advance


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ANKUR KUMAR on 9 Oct 2018


ANKUR KUMAR on 9 Oct 2018
fileID = fopen('qwerty.txt','w');
fmt = '%5d %5d %5d %5d\n';
fprintf(fileID,fmt, magic(4));
fileID = fopen('qwerty.txt','a');
fprintf(fileID,'%s','succesfully append in text file');
sandeep singh
sandeep singh on 9 Oct 2018
i have attached pesudo code and text to attached and required output please check and do the needful

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