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Move a 2D object and track its position through a gui

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Hey everyone, i was wondering, is there a way to move a 2D object and track its new position after you have plotted them using your mouse. I dont want to draw a rectangle over an image as in some other questions i saw. What i want is, lets say i have two 2D objects
h1 = rectangle('Position',[0.59,0.35,3.75,1.37],...
h2 = rectangle('Position',[1.59,5.35,2.75,4.37],...
and a function that calculates the distance from their centers, i want do be able to move the one or the other using my mouse and the distance to be updated while i move them.
In my case i use this method to create some rectangles
for i = 1:compnum
where compos is a matrix that stores the position of the rectangles and list is a matrix with the dimentions they have.
Finally i use this code to print the distance of the two components
for i=1:compnum
I thought it would be nice if i could merge all this into a single object and then be able to move it using my mouse.
Thanks in advance.
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Raldi on 10 Jul 2012
I tried some functions with the best so far being
compnum = 2;
compos = [1,1;4,3];
complist = [3,1;4,3];
point1 = [compos(1,1)+complist(1,1)/2,compos(1,2)+complist(1,2)/2];
point2 = [compos(2,1)+complist(2,1)/2,compos(2,2)+complist(2,2)/2];
D = twopointdist(point1,point2)
for i = 1:compnum
% h(i) = rectangle('Position',[compos(i,1),compos(i,2),complist(i,1),complist(i,2)],...
% 'Curvature',[0,0],...
% 'LineWidth',2,'LineStyle','-')
h(i) = impositionrect(gca, [compos(i,1),compos(i,2),complist(i,1),complist(i,2)]);
But still i need to merge the text and somehow find a way to re-compute and re-display the distance each time i move one of them.

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