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One integer array out of many double ones?!

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if i have 4 arrays A,B,C,D:
how to assign only one array A to be integer?
if i typed A=int8(A); i get all 4 arrays to be integers not just A.
Fatma Abdullah
Fatma Abdullah on 29 Dec 2018
Edited: Fatma Abdullah on 29 Dec 2018
No all four were float , when i write that line only for A,, they all get affected.
Rik on 29 Dec 2018
Please do not just close the question if it has any answers without responding to them.
It is impossible for any variable other than A to be affected by the line A=int8(A), unless you have shadowed the int8 function with something that uses evalin or any equivalent horrible code.

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Accepted Answer

Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 29 Dec 2018
Not true. Here's proof
A = rand(1,2)
B = rand(1,3)
C = rand(1,4)
D = rand(1,5)
A = int8(A)
whos('A', 'B', 'C', 'D')
You can see that the whos function shows that only A was converted to int8, and the rest remained as double
Name Size Bytes Class Attributes
A 1x2 2 int8
B 1x3 24 double
C 1x4 32 double
D 1x5 40 double

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