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solving an implicit equation in any iterative method

Asked by A Alwardat on 21 Feb 2019
Latest activity Edited by A Alwardat on 21 Feb 2019
Hi all, I want to solve this implicit equation for p1(x) using any iterative method, I do not know how to start, any help please.
2*D1*p1(x) +((2*D1*G1)/(D3*K)+D2)*Ln(D3*K*p1(x)-G1)= -x*D3*K+G2*D3*K
where, D1=4, D2=5, D3=9.8, K=0.9 and G2=(2*D1/D3*K)+((2*D1*G1/(D3^2)*(K^2))+D2/D3*K)*Ln(D3*K-G1)+1
and for G1, 2*D1-D3*K=((2*D1*G1/D3*K)+D2)*ln((D3*K-G1)/(D3*K-G1))


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