Changing background colors in app designer: UI Radio buttons and UI Check boxes

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Is there a way to change the back ground color (default is white) for check boxes and radio buttons in app designer. For edit fields I have been using:
app.editFieldName.BackgroundColor = colorVal;
However, this doesn't work for the check boxes/radio buttons in the same way - it changes the entire background area of where the button group is. I have checked the documentation and there is only mention of how to change the font color.
The purpose of this is so there there is no white on the UI that I am making.
Thanks in advance.

Accepted Answer

Dhanashree Mohite
Dhanashree Mohite on 11 Apr 2019
As of now there is no way to set the white color of radio button or checkbox directly.
As a workaround, you can try below things:
  1. replace a checkbox with a uibutton('state').
  2. replace a radiobutton group with a toggle button group.
You would need to consider the user experience of the app to decide if this is a good idea.

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