Delay Sum Beamforming of four microphone signals to detect the presence of drone

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I am using four-microphone array, to localize drone. I did localize sound captured by these four-microphone.
now my mentor want to validate the presence of drone (single source) in that sound which i localized.
I did get useful frames and now i want apply this four microphone data for beamforming for varification of my true localization that sound is coming form one single source.
How can i use these four channel data for beamfroming.
I need help and simple solution using conventional beamformer like. DSB(delay sum beamformer).
Fs = 32000;
array elements = 4;
spacing of microphone = 0.5;
sound speed= 343;
wavelength = 0.106;
microphone postion L = 0.45;
H = 0.57;
m1 = [0 0 H];
m2 = [L 0 0];
m3 = [-L/2 -sqrt(3)*L/2 0];
m4 = [-L/2 sqrt(3)*L/2 0];
distance of target = 50;
theta = [-180 180];
phi = [0 90];
soundsrc = [d*cos(varphi)*cos(theta), d*cos(varphi)*sin(theta), d*sin(varphi)];
Please researhers facilitate me a suitable and simple solution. Thanks.

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