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Student License: Two Periods

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Today, I have a MATLAB student license installed...
Now, I would like to NOT renew this license this year because my PhD project will start only in middle of 2021.
Could I NOT renew this license this year and buy again the MATLAB student license in 2011?


Rik on 7 May 2019
Even if sometimes staff members look on this forum and post from time to time, the help on this forum is mostly provided by people who are doing this as a volunteer. You can contact Mathworks support directly with the Contact Us button at the top of the page (the little telephone).
Nycholas Maia
Nycholas Maia on 10 May 2019
Yes Rik, I sent a email but the answer that I received was only a marketing mail about general MATLAB prices...

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 7 May 2019
Yes, you can do that. You would be purchasing a new license at that time, which would cost you roughly $US50 (for basic MATLAB) or $US100 (for the bundle), plus roughly $US10 per toolbox that you purchase at that time.
Probably it would be less expensive to renew the software support on your existing MATLAB license, but not always.
In particular, if you plan ahead of time and know that your PhD will need a number of toolboxes that you do not already have, then it can sometimes turn out to be less expensive to go for a new Student Suite later so that you can buy those toolboxes for roughly $US10 each, instead of $US25 each that it would cost to add the toolboxes to an existing license.
But if you already have all or most of the toolboxes you need, then typically renewal of your software support would be less expensive than purchasing a new license.

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Nycholas Maia
Nycholas Maia on 10 May 2019
Thanks Walter! I will think about it!

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