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Generate/Save html report of 2 mat file comparison using the matlab "compare" feature programmatically (using visdiff)

Asked by Umesh Dangi on 3 Jul 2019
I have two mat files, assume mat1.mat has 10 signals and mat2.mat has 15 signals, and both the mat files share some same/common variables/signals, which are input to Matlab Compare feature. The comparison between the selected 2 mat files is established in a new window and we can manually save the comparison report using "Save As>HTML".
But I want to do the same process programmatically. I'm using the "visdiff" command of matlab to pop the comparison window, but I can't seem to find the commands for generating/saving the comparison report.
Please, provide me with your valueable information or let me know whether it can be acheived programmatically.
Thanks in advance. I'm using Matlab 2016b


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