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Logan  Mathesen
Logan Mathesen on 5 Jul 2019
Answered: Pat Canny on 15 Aug 2019
I have a model which I was hoping to analyze with the Simulink Design Verifier tool. However, out of the box, SLDV seems to be fairly limited in the models it can handle. Namely, the simplified version of the model that I am trying to analyze makes use of both Integrators and Transfer Functions, fairly common blocks neither of which are directly supported by SLDV- as inidcated by this Mathworks page.
I have spent a day walking through this tutorial to try and use the block replacement feature, and have had little luck translating the example and provided templates to the case of the Integrator block. I was able to create a copy of the Simulink model and manually replace all of my Intergrator blocks with Discrete-Time Integrator blocks, setting all necessary initial conditions, and that seems to get past the inital checking routine of SLDV for supported/unsupported blocks. However, such a work-around is not scalable. More importantly it seems this approach (whether manual or with the block replacement) is not the best fix for transfer functions as one would still have to manually decompose each unique transfer function block down to its basic constant/multiplier blocks.
I spent about half a day looking through the documentation and Mathworks community, but I may have missed something, are there any other resources/examples available for Integrator or Transfer function block replacement functionality?
If I can get the block replacement working, is there any tool or funtionality within SLDV that will support the replacement of transfer functions without having to go through the math to decompose the functions into individual components (or if you have any ideas on a better way to replace transfer functions so that SLDV supports model analysis)?
I have been working in R2018b, but can move to R2019a if there are substantial improvements to the functionality in SLDV.

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Pat Canny
Pat Canny on 15 Aug 2019
Hi Logan,
Apologies for the delay in my response (I was away on leave and my MATLAB Answers RSS feed is somehow broken).
This is a bit tricky to resolve via MATLAB Answers.
If you are still having trouble and are able to share either your models or a representation of the transfer functions in question, please send me an e-mail:

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