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How to select images from nested folder?

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I have a folder named AAA. Inside folder AAA there is another folder name A, inside A there is another folder B. folder B consist of 300 images. I want to get every 10th number image from folder B ( It will be 30 images) and place these images in another folder C. I need a Matlab code for this Scenario. Any help?

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Joel Handy
Joel Handy on 16 Jul 2019
Edited: Joel Handy on 16 Jul 2019
Something like this should work. You will possibly need to add code to appropriately sort your list of images. I've marked where you would do it.
imageFolder = uigetdir('', 'Select Image Folder');
destinationFolder = uigetdir(imageFolder, 'Select Destination Folder');
contents = dir(imageFolder);
fileList = contents(~[contents.isdir]);
% Sort list as needed here
filesToMove = fileList(1:10:end);
fromPaths = fullfile(imageFolder,{});
toPaths = fullfile(destinationFolder,{});
for fileIdx = 1:numel(fromPaths)
copyfile(fromPaths{fileIdx}, toPaths{fileIdx})
Also I'm note sure the specific relevance of folders AAA and A. If AAA, A, and B are all known folders and you want to create C based on them, you could replace the uigetdir code with something like
imageFolder = fullfile(AAA,A,B);
destinationFolder = fullfile(AAA,A,C);
if ~exist(destinationFolder, 'dir')
Joel Handy
Joel Handy on 18 Jul 2019
I'm having a little trouble following this. There is a lot of extra code. For example:
name1 = char(name);
mkdir(jj, name1);
could just be
% Make a folder '1' inside user folder
Another problem I think you're having is that your inputs to mkdir appear to be backwords. The format mkdir is mkdir(parent directory, new folder) so mkdir('C:\MyExistingFolder', 'NewFolder') would create 'C:\MyExistingFolder\NewFolder';
You could also just do mkdir(['C:\MyExistingFolder' filesep 'NewFolder']) or mkdir(fullfile('C:\MyExistingFolder', 'NewFolder').
Why are you using imread and imwrite instead of copyfile to move the image files? Are you actually doing some processing on these images in your real application?
Farman Shah
Farman Shah on 20 Jul 2019
Yeah I was doing a project and it is done now. Thank you
your code was good. For those others comming on this thread, it is helpfull.

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 18 Jul 2019
Have you looked at imageDatastore()? Or dir() using two asterisks as the file pattern?


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