What R does scircle1 refer to?

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The scircle1 equation from the mapping toolbox has inputs in the form of latitude, longitude and R, which is defined as the arc length of the small circle. I don't understand if this is a spherical angle and where physically on the sphere cap it is defined. What I have is a sphere of radius R, and coordinates of the centers where I want to have small circles. Scircle 1 returns the latitude and longitude coordinates of the concentric circle on the sphere with the centerpoint defined. This is all well and proper but I don't know the R value.
Any help is appreciated thanks.

Accepted Answer

Samatha Aleti
Samatha Aleti on 26 Jul 2019
The variable “rad” in scircle1(lat0,lon0,rad) is the radius of the small circle that is to be drawn.
For more information, refer the following link

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