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Matlab crashes after mex from cpp

I usually have my Matlab crashes after the succesfully completion of mex from cpp to mexmaci64. It gives a warning message that an internal error occured and needs to shut down and it prompts me either send a report to Matlab or not.
I need to try maybe more than 6-8 times to make it run without crashing. After multiple attemps, it will eventually finishes running without crashing. Any idea why this might happen?


It happens after the mex compiler finishes successfully the compilation. I guess since the compilation is successful and crashes later on, then it has to do with the .mexmaci64 file
on 4 Aug 2019
The crash is because of a bug in the code that was compiled as mex. The mex file tries to access some memory it's not allowed.
For example if you compile the code and then quit MATLAB and then restart MATLAB and run code that uses the .mex* file, then do you still get the crash?
If you use mex to compile the file but do not run the .mex* file, then does the crash still appear?

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