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How to calculate the area under a main lobe

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KatherineS on 7 Aug 2019
Edited: KatherineS on 7 Aug 2019
I have two main lobes with side lobes, I need to calculate the area underneath the main lobe, and then the area between the peak and full width half height? Does anyone know how to do this? I have searched the documentation but I cannot find anything that works. I have attached the image so the probelm can be seen
Thanks in advance


Bobby Huxford
Bobby Huxford on 7 Aug 2019
Sounds like an area under the curve problem. I would recommend using the trapz() function (at a range value of about 6?). Its hard to tellif your data is actually 3 dimensional or not. It seems to only really have a value at 2 range values.
info on trapz():
KatherineS on 7 Aug 2019
Thank you for your help, wouldnt this also include the area under the side lobe values? Also the curves are 3D

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