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Mutiple Time series synchronization

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Jogger on 14 Aug 2019
Commented: Jogger on 25 Aug 2019
I want to synchronize multiple time series
Can any suggest how to do it.


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Jogger on 14 Aug 2019
Yes I want to synchronize the data timing. but i am lost on how to proceed
I meant synchronization would result a uniform interval of New timeseries from the my attached input data.
Jogger on 15 Aug 2019
My goal is to get a common time series with text data. If for a time instance data is present then choose else skip particular data.look for other data if present on time then put that data.Like this I want to have a common time series for from different readtable.
Guillaume on 15 Aug 2019
My goal is to get a common time series with text data
If it's textual data, I have no idea why you were asking about extrapolation. How do you extrapolate text?
Anyway, to synchronize several timetables you'd simply do it in a loop. I can show you how it's done once I understand what the inputs are. So far, you seem to have shown date variables, a timeseries or timetable needs date and data to be useful.
I'm not even sure what kind of data you have, so please state whether it's timeseries, timetable, table or something else.

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Accepted Answer

Guillaume on 16 Aug 2019
I think this does what you want:
contentfields = fieldnames(Content);
for fieldidx = 1:numel(contentfields) %iterate over each field of Content
structtable = struct2cell(Content.(contentfields{fieldidx})); %extract the structure within the field by converting it to cell array (avoids having to work out what its name is)
structtimetable = table2timetable(structtable{1}(:, {'Date', 'Message'})); %convert to timetable, only keeping Date and Message
structtimetable.Properties.VariableNames{1} = sprintf('Message_%s', contentfields{fieldidx}); %rename Message variable so we know where it came from
structtimetable = rmmissing(structtimetable); %remove invalid rows to avoid problems with synchronize
if fieldidx == 1
joinedtimetable = structtimetable; %1st time, create output
joinedtimetable = synchronize(joinedtimetable, structtimetable, 'union'); %subsequent times, synchronize. Choose whichever method is prefered
The main issue is that some (all?) of your tables contain rows with NaT which cause problem with synchronisation. You may want to investigate that. I've removed these rows here.


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Jogger on 22 Aug 2019
Thanks ! but I was wondering where milliseconds count is gone ?
Guillaume on 22 Aug 2019
Nowhere probably. If it's not visible, it's most likely because the default duration format doesn't display it. You can easily change the Format of the variable to whatever you want:
joinedtimetable.RowTimes.Format = 'hh:mm:ss.SSS';

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