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How to obtain the bandwidth from an sparameters() imported file?

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Chamath Vithanawasam
Chamath Vithanawasam on 16 Aug 2019
Edited: Chamath Vithanawasam on 16 Aug 2019
When it comes to antennas, we require the bandwidth from obtained S11 readings, preferably below -10dB (Click here for more info). This is the frequency range at which the reflection coefficient is less than a certain magnitude (in most cases -10dB). The S11 plot can easily be generated using the code shown below. I will attach this .s1p file.
S = sparameters('50.s1p');
Which will give a plot as shown below.
Is there a Matlab code which will display the bandwidth for frequencies with magnitude less than -10dB? If I can atleast find out what the magnitude is at a specific frequency, I can calculate the bandwidth myself.


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