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Put workspace data into menu and prompt someone to select it

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Nathan Formby
Nathan Formby on 10 Sep 2019
Commented: Nathan Formby on 14 Sep 2019
How do I Load in MA2_data.mat. Prompt the user to select a day and a location based on the data provided. On the command window, output the day, location, and ice thickness [m] for that day. NOTE (avoid hardcoding): Your code should produce different results if the data for Ice changes. The options for the location or day chosen should change if the number of values in LocationID or Days changes.
load ('MA2_data.mat');
menu('Please select a day',string(Days));
menu('Please select a loaction',LocationID);
fprintf('On Day %s, at loacation %LocationID, the ice thickness was %0.4f [m]',Days,LocationID,Ice)
What letter or symbols do I place after the percent symbols?

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Adam Danz
Adam Danz on 10 Sep 2019
There's lots of options.
To load data, see the load() command. (doc load, for help).
Once it's loaded you could present the days and locations in a listbox.

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Adam Danz
Adam Danz on 13 Sep 2019
You weren't saving the user's selections (menu outputs). The output to menu is an index of the user's selection. Use those indices in the Days, LocationID, and Ice variables.
See comments below regarding other changes.
load ('MA2_data.mat');
dayIdx = menu('Please select a day',string(Days));
locIdx = menu('Please select a loaction',LocationID);
fprintf('On Day %d, at location %s, the ice thickness was %0.4f [m]\n',Days(dayIdx),LocationID(locIdx),Ice(dayIdx,locIdx))
% %d because an integer will be placed there
% %s because a string will be place there (or char array)
% \n so the cursor goes to the next line after the message

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