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Opening R2018b .m files in R2019b

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In short, I am unable to open .m files I wrote in R2018b in R2019b, with R2019b claiming the "file does not exist." Any help with this issue would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much in advance!


Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 15 Sep 2019
Can you show us or tell us exactly how you try to open the .m file (if you enter a command, show us that exact command; if you use the toolstrip, tell us exactly the steps you follow?)
Can you show us the full and exact text of any error message you receive, all the text displayed in red?
Aram Cariaga
Aram Cariaga on 15 Sep 2019
Ahhh I apologize. I attempt to open the file through the "OPEN" button and the following error pops up (associated folder is attached).
I have already added the Folder to the path, so I am very confused as to what is going on.

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Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 15 Sep 2019
Quick Access gives you access to paths that were either used "recently" or that you marked as favourite. It does not, however, check that the path is valid before trying to use it, and if you move the file after it made it on to Quick Access then Quick Access does not track where the file went.
Your Quick Access is to a file that used to be in ME 103\Homework 2 but you moved the file to ME 103\Homework Assignments\Homework 2 .
Just do not access it through Quick Access, and go directly to the directory the file lives in.


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per isakson
per isakson on 15 Sep 2019
Edited: per isakson on 15 Sep 2019
Most likely the reason is that your search path of the R2018b installation is not carried over to the R2019b installation. See Search Path View and change MATLAB® search path
"unable to open" Do you really mean open your files in the editor? Exactly how did you try to open the file? I assumed that you cannot run your files.

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Aram Cariaga
Aram Cariaga on 15 Sep 2019
Hi thank you for your quick response! I have included more details above.

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