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finding all local minima of histogram

Asked by Rafia Mansoor on 27 Sep 2019
Latest activity Commented on by Bjorn Gustavsson on 27 Sep 2019
I have a histogram and I need to find all the local minima of that histogram.

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through islocalmin we can find all the local minimas. but that is compatible with 2017 version of matlab and not with the previsous version of matlb

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Answer by Bjorn Gustavsson on 27 Sep 2019

If you read the help of the hist function you'll find:
N = HIST(Y) bins the elements of Y into 10 equally spaced containers
[N,X] = HIST(...) also returns the position of the bin centers in X.
So that gives you a means to get both the histogram-counts and the centre-position.
From there you need to find the local maxima. That should be rather easy (provided you have no
exact repeat values in N at the local minima), use diff and check where that goes from negative to positive.


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Sure, if you can convince me this isn't homework.
this was not my homework. That's part of my research well I have found the correct answer.

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