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Genetic algorithm plots penalty instead of Fitness

Asked by alaa zarif on 7 Oct 2019
Latest activity Edited by Alan Weiss
on 10 Oct 2019
Im using the GA toolbox to solve an unconstrained problem.. however the genetic algorithm is producing the graph of penalty vs generations instead of fitness vs generations.. why do i have this?


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1 Answer

Answer by Alan Weiss
on 7 Oct 2019
 Accepted Answer

Perhaps you have some integer constraints.
If not, please show us your options and ga call.
Alan Weiss
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I do have IntCon for my variables, I didnt know they will cause it to plot penalty vs generations!
Can you explain to me how does the matlab penalty vs generation work as i dont understand the figure attached.. the sudden drop in penalty then increases however it hasnt taken the lowest value on graph to be the best ?
I would guess that you set some options improperly, like EliteCount = 0 or some such thing. Or despite your statement to the contrary, you have a nonlinear constraint. For further help, please report all of your options and give your ga call.
Alan Weiss
MATLAB mathematical toolbox documentation

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