Find a column number referring to an array

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Given the following
V = [310 285 334 302 306 312 316 304 305 291 310];
M= [273.381 245.231 203.334 212.814 239.183 276.148 231.269 291.846 258.205 276.486 236.715];
I obtain a vector
point= [-304 -291.846]
Now I want to find the column of V and M where I have this result.
In this case: column number 8
May someone help me?

Accepted Answer

Jon on 9 Oct 2019
Edited: Jon on 9 Oct 2019
You could use
idx = find(V==point(1))
or you could check the column the second element of point matched the second row of A using
idx = find(M==point(2))
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Jon on 9 Oct 2019
Had my screen scrolled way over to the right and didn't realize that you had already defined the two vectors V and M. I edited my response to use your variable names.

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