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RV-M1 inverse kinematics

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Hi! I am trying to instruct RV-M1, a 5-DOF manipulator, to write the letters EEE on a paper. First, I explicitly defined the points of all vertices of EEE, including the intermediate points when traversing the spaces between each E. Next, I defined the cost function with inputs joint angles and defined points, cost(joint_angles,defined_points). The cost function is defined as the square of the difference between computed points and the explicitly defined points. That is, cost = (computed - defined)^2. The computed points are computed using the forward kinematic equations. I now feed the defined points to fmincon. The parameters of fmincon are:
Aeq = [0 1 1 1];
beq = 0
lower and upper bounds of the four joint angles, the last angle is always zero
lb = [-145; -25; -105; -85]
ub= [145; 95; 0; 85]
initial_angles = [0 0 0 0]
fmincon(@(joint_angles) cost(joint_angles, defined points), initial_angles,[],[],Aeq,beq,lb,ub)
However, the joint space I'm getting does not correspond to my explicitly defined points. Where am I wrong? I am happy to send my code if someone can help me.

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Dario Andres Gomez Campos
Dario Andres Gomez Campos on 19 Apr 2021
Hello, I do not know if you are still interested, but you can check my work in we solve this robot with inverse and direct kinematics.
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Jose Maria Braga
Jose Maria Braga on 22 Apr 2021
Thank you! This is great! Coming from the Philippines, I can understand some Spanish words but, do you, by any chance, have an English version of the manuscript? This is an interesting reading :)

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