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Press " " to rename 4 instances of "VariableName1" to "VariableName2"

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Ori Yarden
Ori Yarden on 8 Dec 2019
Commented: Ori Yarden on 8 Dec 2019
When renaming a variable that appears throughout a script I immediately receive a pop-up message of: Press " Key + Other Key" to rename n number of instances of "VariableName1" to "VariableName2".
However, I'm using a macbook and I have no idea which shortcut keys MATLAB is referring to. I know the first key is the command key on the macbook, but the second key is an arrow (pointing downward and left?) and I have no clue where that key is on my macbook.
I included an image of the screenshot of the shortcut keys MATLAB displays attached.


Stephen Cobeldick
Stephen Cobeldick on 8 Dec 2019
1st key: command
2nd key: return
The "down and left" arrow is common on many keyboard layouts, including those for Macs, but for some layouts the key is labelled with the word "return" or "enter" (pedants can now go on a rant about how these were historically not the same key...)

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