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divide a matrix per a vector

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Paul Rogers
Paul Rogers on 11 Dec 2019
Commented: Paul Rogers on 12 Dec 2019
Hi, I have a matrix A(7x1001) and a matrix B(1x7).
I'd like to divide the first row of A for the first colum(element) of B,
second row of A for the second column in B, and so on.
A and B are in attached


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Accepted Answer

per isakson
per isakson on 11 Dec 2019
C = A ./ reshape( U2, [],1 );


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Paul Rogers
Paul Rogers on 12 Dec 2019
sorry, I get this:
Error using ./
Matrix dimensions must agree.
A is 7x1001 and B is 1x7
Guillaume on 12 Dec 2019
Oh, you're on a very old version, which doesn't have implicit expansion:
C = bsxfun(@rdivide, A, B(:));
However, again, why isn't B a column vector (7x1) instead of a row vector (1x7)? This would avoid the transpose/reshape and would make it consistent with the shape of A.
Paul Rogers
Paul Rogers on 12 Dec 2019
thanks man it's this!

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