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How to read a pixelregion of a .tif image

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Zoe on 28 Dec 2019
Commented: Amal George M on 30 Dec 2019
I am trying to read just a portion of my .tif image since reading the entire one takes hours and hours. My code is:
a = imread('landcover.tif','PixelRegion',{[1:96684],[1,1000]});
The error comes up and I do not know why:
Error using imread (line 438)
PixelRegion values must contain [START, STOP] or [START,
But if I only want to look at [1,2], [1,2], it could work:
a = imread('landcover.tif','PixelRegion',{[1:2],[1,2]});
If anyone can help, I will really appreciate it! Thank you!

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Amal George M
Amal George M on 30 Dec 2019
ROWS and COLS must both be two-element vectors, which specify starting and ending rows (or columns).
Try :
a = imread('landcover.tif','PixelRegion',{[1,96684],[1,1000]});

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