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How to retrieve the successive values from the given code

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MINATI on 12 Jan 2020
Commented: MINATI on 12 Jan 2020
syms k r a b
k=7;F = zeros(k,1);F(1)=0;F(2)=1;F(3)=a/2;
for r = 1:k
F(k+3)=(symsum((r+1)*F(r+1)*(k-r+1)*F(k-r+1),r,0,k) -symsum((k-r+1)*F(r)*(k-r+2)*F(k-r+2),r,0,k)...


Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 12 Jan 2020
F = zeroes(k, 1,'sym');
But you need to rewrite the symsum. It is never possible to use a symbolic variable as a subscript. You should just calculate the expression in vectorized form and sum()
Even if using symbolic variables as an index were permitted, with each of your symsum going to k, you are trying to access up to F(k+q) in each symsum even though you have not defined past F(r+2)

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