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How to Configure simulink out-ports to generate specific argument of function?

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Amit on 16 Jan 2020
Edited: stozaki on 17 Feb 2020
So I want to generate the code for a function where it gives the argument as shown in the image below. So what configuration should be done in simulink outports to get argument as this?


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Accepted Answer

stozaki on 16 Jan 2020
Hello Amit,
How do you use model referencing?
You can add arguments by using a model reference and setting the storage class of the output to Auto.
By the way, the next document is the contents of R2019b.


Amit on 14 Feb 2020
Thanks for your response.
But Model referncing anyway will create reference arguments in code. What if we don't want to use model referencing then can we do this by setting storage class to auto?
stozaki on 17 Feb 2020
I think this is a limitation of Embedded Coder.
If you do not use Model Reference, use Atomic Subsystem.
The setting at that time is Reusable Function and the storage class is Exported Global or auto storage. but argument are " * " pointer.

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