How to convert a 8760X30matrix to a 365X30 matrix?

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Ali Nouri
Ali Nouri on 11 Feb 2020
Commented: Steven Lord on 14 Feb 2020
I have a 8760X30 matrix and I want to convert this matrix to 365X30 matrix.
Every values in the row indicates a value in hour and now by take average of every 24 values, I want to have the day matrix.
Can anybody help me with it??

Accepted Answer

Stephen23 on 11 Feb 2020
>> inp = rand(8760,30); % fake data matrix
>> out = mean(permute(reshape(inp,24,[],30),[2,3,1]),3);
And checking:
>> size(out)
ans =
365 30
>> isequal(mean(inp(1:24,:),1),out(1,:))
ans = 1
Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 14 Feb 2020
Since this is time-based data, I'd recommend a timetable instead of a table as that would let you do things like retime the timetable to a daily basis with one function call.

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