Error using satellite Basemap in geoplot-function

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Hey community,
I simply want to display my latitude / longitude data on a satellite map:
geobasemap satellite
It works fine on my pc at home. However, at work I get the error message:
Error using geoplot (line 98)
Expected Basemap to match one of these values:
'darkwater', 'grayland', 'bluegreen', 'grayterrain', 'colorterrain', 'landcover', 'none'
The input, 'satellite', did not match any of the valid values.
I tried some other options to change the basemap but none is working:
The siteviewer works fine with the satellite map anyway... Any suggestions?

Accepted Answer

Joseph Kirk
Joseph Kirk on 3 Mar 2020
Edited: Joseph Kirk on 3 Mar 2020
If you are using R2019a or older at work, MATLAB will not recognize the new basemap options like 'satellite'.
When the geobasemap/geoplot functions were first introduced (R2018b), only the options you listed were available --- then 'satellite', 'topographic', 'streets', 'streets-dark', and 'streets-light' basemaps were introduced in a more recent version (R2019b).

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