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How to apply two editions on two images

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I have two images and i need to apply two editions on both.


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Ameer Hamza
Ameer Hamza on 6 Apr 2020
Try this
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skip = 50;
image = preenc;
% Identify the contours and its areas
Contours = bwconncomp(preenc, 8);
area = regionprops(Contours, 'Area');
figure, imshow(preenc);
for i=1:Contours.NumObjects
image_ = image;
% hide all other patches
mask = zeros(size(image));
mask(Contours.PixelIdxList{i}) = 1;
image_(~mask) = 0;
% Speeds up the use of boundary later
Bperimeter = bwperim(image_);
Bperimeter = imdilate(Bperimeter,strel('square',4));
% Get x,y coordinates of perimeter (column index and row index,
% respectively)
[y,x] = find(Bperimeter);
k = boundary(x,y,1); %use boundary with shrink factor of 1 to find vertices
% Back to the initial binary image, add the polygon using recently
% obtained vertices
idx = [k(1:skip:end);k(1)];
drawpolygon('Position',[x(idx) y(idx)])
% Calculate the area of the polygon
d = polyarea(x(idx),y(idx));

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