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Why are there differences in AUTOSAR code generation for the files readData_private.h and *_datatype.arxml between R2018b and R2019b?

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I have some questions regarding differences in AUTOSAR code generated in R2018b and R2019b. In R2018b, my generated code file *_datatype.arxml has UUIDs and an AR-PACKAGE called SwcImplementations. However, these are not generated in R2019b. Why have these been removed?
In R2019b, the file readData_private.h has a line to include Rte_Type.h that did not exist in R2018b. Why was this line added in R2019b?

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MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team on 6 Apr 2020
Edited: MathWorks Support Team on 6 Apr 2020
These changes are due to several product enhancements:
1. The UUIDs were removed from default code generation to better support round trip workflows. UUIDs that are imported are now kept and are found in the generated code while models that do not explicitly set UUIDs do not generate fresh UUIDs by default.
2. The SwcImplementations package was defined twice. Once in the *_datatype.arxml file and once in the *_implementation.arxml file when the generation was set to "modular" (multiple reference files for one source code file). In R2019b this was changed to only be defined in the implementations ARXML file.
3. Rte_Type.h is now being included in the readData_private.h file for the demo model due to a Client-Server interface defined in "readData". This type of user defined Implementation Data Types are shared through Rte_Type.h according to section 5.3 of the RTE Modules in the AUTOSAR Specification of RTE Software documentation.


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