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WHich loops or command should i use in order to plot this equation? It has 3 variables: v,x,t

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Mehmed Saad
Mehmed Saad on 15 Apr 2020
Edited: Mehmed Saad on 15 Apr 2020
define x,t of same length i.e. select a sampling rate
fs = 10;%Hz
Now define time
t = 0:1/fs:100-1/fs;
x = linspace(0,2*pi,length(t));
i_t = 1.414*sin(w*t+phi);
Now Run the for loop for t
i = 1:length(x)
Now index 1 by 1 and sum them
Remember there are two nested for loop, 1 is for v and other for t
Mehmed Saad
Mehmed Saad on 16 Apr 2020
  1. yes you need another loop for x
  2. you can nest for loop as x t and v or t x and v
  3. You should follow nyquist rate as your frequency is 60Hz so you need atleast 120Hz fs
  4. x size can differ from t, it is not necessary

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