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creating continues ZOH plot from samples using sinc

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fima v
fima v on 25 Apr 2020
Edited: fima v on 25 Apr 2020
Hello, i have an array of dots called y_in created by the code bellow.
How using sinc function we create a continues signal of level lines(like stares) between the dots in y_in?
x=0.0001:0.0001:1; %10KHz ADC sampling
fb=1e3; %1Khz frequency
f_noise=4e3; %1Khz frequency
yb=sin(2*pi*fb*x); %1Khz frequency sine input signal
yf_noise=sin(2*pi*4*fb*x); %4Khz frequency sine input noise
y_in=yb+yf_noise;%total signal


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