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How to print text in an existing txt file in an existing txt file?

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Benson Gou
Benson Gou on 9 May 2020
Edited: Benson Gou on 10 May 2020
Dear All,
I tried the following cases:
1. fprintf('Hello <strong>bold</strong> world.\n')
2. fileID = fopen('GeneralResults.txt','w');
fprintf(fileID, 'Hello <strong>bold</strong> world.\n')
Case 1 worked well, but case 2 does not work. The only difference is 'fileID'.
I am wondering why I cannot write it in a file named "GeneralResults.txt".
Thanks a lot.


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Hrijul Shende
Hrijul Shende on 9 May 2020

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Benson Gou
Benson Gou on 9 May 2020
Hi, Hrijul, I checked this website before I submitted my question. The example I used is from that website. Thanks a lot, anyway. Benson

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