App Designer app.UITable.Data error

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Asad Elmgerbi
Asad Elmgerbi on 17 May 2020
I have quetion regrading App designer .
I have probelm with using table . I script which load a net model. I found out that app.UITable.Data does not work when I use load file .
here is my code ,
global net expected ;
load Best_Model_ANN
net= Best_Model_ANN;
ROP_Data= zeros(5,1);
ROP_Data (1,1)= Max_ROP;
ROP_Data (2,1)= Min_ROP;
ROP_Data (3,1)= Mean_ROP;
ROP_Values={'Maximum ROP','Minimum ROP','Mean ROP', 'Desirable ROP', 'Number of Data Combination Required'};
prompt = (ROP_Values);
titles = 'ROP Data Please Enter the Desirable ROP Value and Number of Comination Sets below';
dims = [1 120];
definput = arrayfun(@num2str, ROP_Data, 'uni',0);
ROP_Input = inputdlg(prompt,titles,dims,definput);
Expect_ROP=str2double(ROP_Input {4});
Required_Combination=str2double(ROP_Input {5});
If i place app.UITable.Data to display table which is not here now , i got error .
If i place at at the begining of the code befor (load Best_Model_ANN) it works .
Can you please help me to fix this issue ,
just to inform you the code works fine only the table does not work .

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