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How can i update entries with the matlab sqlite interface?

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Flockenmumie on 20 May 2020
I am using the MATLAB interface in combination with SQLite.
Is there any way to update a table entry using a simple update() function or something similar?
To my knowledge there is insert(), which only works for new entries (with new primary keys), fetch() and exec().
Yes, I could build an update function using the exec function, like "
UPDATE table SET column_1 = new_value_1, column_2 = new_value_2 WHERE primary_key_value = current value
" but if I want to store all 20 values at once it is very cumbersome.
By the way: I use the Matlab App Designer and the UI table. In my table I want to be able to change single values and save the changes right in the database.


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