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how do I know that my time series data has a seasonal trend

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I have a variable of Zenith Wet delay (represent the effect of water vapor on GPS signal) with time resolution 1-hour for three years, it's just a vector of one coulmn, and I want to use FFT to know if my data has a seasonal cycles or not, but I don't know how to put the Fs in it or how to choose the better sampling rate of my data.
any help please.

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Vaibhav Tomar
Vaibhav Tomar on 27 May 2020
Please refer to the following link for an example on how to apply Sn×m seasonal filters to deseasonalize a time series (using a multiplicative decomposition). You can use the same technique for checking seasonality of your time data.
You can also refer here for more information and different ways to check seasonality:

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