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Remote connect with MATLAB Mobile

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Peter on 14 Nov 2012
Commented: Walter Roberson on 1 Dec 2017
Is it possible to remotely connect to my PC with MATLAB Mobile? My understanding is that the connection between the PC and MATLAB Mobile must be on the same network - could this be achieved over different networks through a VPN connection?
Any suggestions? Connecting to the cloud doesn't seem all that beneficial if files can't be accessed.

Answers (1)

Pradeep on 16 Nov 2012
Yes, with a valid VPN connection you can connect to your computer from MATLAB Mobile, even if they are on different networks.
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 1 Dec 2017
MATLAB and MATLAB Mobile do not care how you configure the network. You just have to make sure that the address you tell MATLAB Mobile to connect to is an address it can use to reach the MATLAB host.
  1. You can use applications such as gotomypc that run on your PC or Mac and connect to a third party host, and use the android client or IOS client to tell the third party host to relay the data to your PC or Mac. (Note: I have not tried this with gotomypc itself.)
  2. You can open your router or firewall to expose port 31415 (or as chosen) directly to the public, and you would use some means of determining your public IP address, after which you would tell MATLAB Mobile to connect to that public IP and port. If you are using an ISP that changes your IP address frequently then there are tools such as DYNDNS that can continually and automatically register IP address changes against a hostname, and you would use that hostname instead of a fixed IP address
  3. If you have a separate router or firewall device, you can configure it to accept one of the standard VPN protocols such as PPPoE or PPTP. (you might want a dynamic DNS service as described above.) You would configure VPN software on the mobile to connect to the public IP address for your router or firewall device. You would then have set your mobile and your host to internally be on the same private internal address network such as 192.168.1.* . The mobile will encapsulate all packets destined for the private address of the host into encrypted packets set to the VPN server, which will decrypt them and forward the internal packets to the appropriate host.
  4. If you do not have a separate router or firewall, if your host is connected directly to the Internet, then you can get VPN server software for your host and do the same as described above; or you can use the built-in Windows VPN server; see

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