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Finding rows/indices by comparing individual elements of rows of one matrix to another

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J AI on 29 May 2020
Commented: Tommy on 29 May 2020
Let's say I have a matrix and a matrix as follows:
I want to find the indices of rows in such that the row elements are less than the row elements of : e.g., in the third row, 1<2 and -2<1. I can do this by the following code:
[row,col] = find(m1(:,1)<=m2(1,1) & m1(:,2)<=m2(1,2));
The code therefore identifies row 3 and row 4 from .
My question is: if I had more columns, how could I implement the same action but without using "&" everytime to define the conditions for each column as I did in my code? I am basically asking for a generalized version of what I have done.
I hope I was clear with my question. Thanks in advance!

Accepted Answer

Tommy on 29 May 2020
For less than or equal to:
find(all(m1 <= m2, 2))
For less than:
find(all(m1 < m2, 2))

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