how can i find base spline function for using cubic spline Rayleigh-Ritz method ?

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youngdong jang
youngdong jang on 3 Jun 2020
in screen shot, -u(t)" -> -u(x)"
>> x=linspace(0,1,502); h=1/501;
>> global xi xim xip;
>> tic
>> for i=2:501
xi=x(i); xim=x(i-1); xip=x(i+1);
b(i)=quadl('frayritz10_8load', xim,xip);
+ 1/h^2*quadl('frayritz10_8stiff2', xi, xip) ;
>> db(3:501)=da(2:500);
>> db(2)=0;da(501)=0;
>> toc
경과 시간은 2435.024751초입니다.
>> c1=thomas(da(2:501),d(2:501),db(2:501),b(2:501));
>> c1=[0 c1 0];
>> plot(x,c1); hold on
it is my matlab code. i find only 1x501 stiffness matrix. but i want to find 𝑛×𝑛 stiffness matrix 𝐴 = [𝑎_ij] by using matlab

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