how to preallocate a table in matlab for for loop to read multiple excel sheet

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Here I modified a code from here to read a multiple excel sheets from a file. However, I do not know how to preallocate the empy table created since my variable 'Data' keep changing size for every loop iteration?
filename ='2012hf.xlsx';
[~,SheetNames] = xlsfinfo(filename);
nSheets = length(SheetNames);
VarNames ={'Day15','Day16','Day18','Day19'};
for ii=1:nSheets
Data=[Data, readtable(filename,'Sheet', Name,'Range','F1:F97')];
Data.Properties.VariableNames{'cmufc_HF'} = VarName;

Answers (1)

Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 12 Jun 2020
You can either not worry about it (it may not speed things up or down that much), or else you can allocate way more than you need and set the remaining unused rows to null to crop them off.

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