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How to make a trajectory from position and Velocity data

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Adam Levschuk
Adam Levschuk on 16 Jun 2020
Commented: David Hill on 17 Jun 2020
Hello, I feel that this is a very easy question and i am mad that i have not figured it out myself.
I have position data (euler angles) and the coraspinding angualr velcoity and i want to generate a 2xn variable with both these variables.
if i do...
plot(eulerAngles(:,2), gyr(:,2)) this plot gives me the trajectory that i am trying to create. How do i save this trajectory as a single variable?
thanks for your help.


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David Hill
David Hill on 17 Jun 2020


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David Hill
David Hill on 17 Jun 2020
If you look at the documentation for the plot() function, you cannot provide a matrix to it. You will need to do the following:
plot(newVariable(1,:),newVariable(2,:));%row 1 is eularAngles and row 2 is gyr
Adam Levschuk
Adam Levschuk on 17 Jun 2020
ohhhh i see, thank you very mcuh david. very helpful!
David Hill
David Hill on 17 Jun 2020
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