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Help with Viewing Table Contents

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Tiana Johnson
Tiana Johnson on 17 Jun 2020
Commented: David Hill on 17 Jun 2020
I downloaded a table but I'm unable to view it's contents. I've tried just about everything but all I'm coming up with is information about the table itself.
>> disp(FloObsWindTable)
>> readtable('FloObsWindTable')

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Accepted Answer

David Hill
David Hill on 17 Jun 2020
Edited: David Hill on 17 Jun 2020
It is a .m file. All you have to do is:
It will be in your work space. Double click on it and navigate through the fields to see the cell arrays.
David Hill
David Hill on 17 Jun 2020
Double click on each of the 61x1 cells or type:
%type similar for the other table fields

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